Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free stuff!!

So I did something a little crazy, I ordered a nursing cover. I my defense, it was FREE! You can get a free one too by going to and using the discount code MOTHER.

When we started ttc 6.5 years ago I purchased lots of baby things, as did my mother for me. Now I have given just about everything away. I had one little girl's dress I adored and kept for about 4 years. This cover is the first baby purchase I have made in years, well that isn't for someone else. I couldn't resist. I think it shows I have renewed hope in this whole baby making thing. And maybe that I am just a tiny bit crazy!
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  1. I would take anything free too!! I bought so much stuff when we first started TTC and have given most of it away or packed it away because its just too sad for me to look at. Oh to be naive again!!

  2. I got one of those udder covers also!! Hey, free is free. :) You could also throw it on this summer when it is super hot and you just want to hang in the breeze:) Go topless and throw on the Udder Cover. Tee hee.