Monday, April 25, 2011

Talked down

I just wanted say a quick thank you to Jess who talked me down off a ledge today. This whole process is so hard and every time we hit a snag I feel like I may jump! Today Jess was my saving grace! The ALI community is amazing, and I am so grateful for friends in the blogging world. You ladies are the only ones who get it. Thank you for providing support in those dark times and for providing answers to questions I didnt even know would come up. Sometimes I just want to scream, "really, do you think this is how I WANTED to make babies?!?!" Nothing about this journey is easy. Thank you for making it bearable.
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  1. Glad that you had a wonderful friend to help talk you down today! I am screaming that with you, I would give anything to have a baby "naturally". Praying for your journey!

  2. are very welcome, I'm glad I could help. It was nice being able to actually talk to someone who understands this crappy journey.

  3. Glad you had a good friend to help calm you today when you needed it most. Thinking of you & sending love your way ((hugs))

  4. Lots of hugs my dear. It sucks sucks SUCKS, and I am so glad you had support today. The ALI community is amazing to me. I can't begin to understand it sometimes, and it is so hard to explain it...but it does make it easier.


    Much love to you.