Sunday, April 26, 2015

Here we go again!

Life has been nothing short of crazy the last few weeks! We were living in one city and decided our rental was just too small for the three of us, so we started looking for another rental in a city about 20 miles to the east. We found a great house and moved in two weeks before our lease was up. Six days later DH got a job promotion in our hometown! (which is about 200 miles S of where we just moved to.) Luckily our new landlords were very understanding and allowed us to get out of our lease. So three weeks after we moved to our new rental we moved again! Insane! Especially with a two year old. And since we wanted to buy a home and really set down roots in our hometown we moved in with DH's parents until we found our forever home. The good news is that after living here for two weeks we found it and have been in escrow for a week!

But the really big news happened on March 23rd. I was laying in bed while Little Miss napped and a friend called to say she knew a teen mom who was looking to place her baby for adoption and she wanted to meet us! I was floored, but thought ok well I still need to talk to this birth mom before I get too wrapped up in this. Not more than 5 minuted later my phone rang and it was the birth mom!! We talked for a few minutes and decided we were a good match for what she was looking for in the family she wanted to place with. I told her we should meet and she agreed. Since we were in the middle of moving we set a time for the week after we moved. it was a long three week wait. The day of the meeting I felt 100% peace. We sat and talked for about an hour and learned a lot about her. She has a long heart wrenching past that I won't talk about here, but suffice it to say she is not in a position to raise a child and baby daddy isn't either. The amazing thing was that at her young age she recognizes this and really wants what's best for her baby. She is due at the beginning of September.

She didn't know what she was having when we met because she had a doctor that wasn't really concerned about her or the baby. But luckily the fried who initially called to tell me about her is a NP for a great doctor. And both my friend and the new doctor happen to be adoptive moms. So they will take good care of her and make sure the hospital is aware of the situation and adoption friendly.

She had her first meeting with the new OB and loved her. She also found out she is having a...


We are beyond thrilled to add another little lady to our family and for Little Miss to have a little sister. I know we still have a LONG way to go before we have another baby in our home but we are keeping the faith that she will stick with her plan and place her baby. I'm trying to keep the negative voices out of my head and stay positive.

So it looks like 2015 will be one crazy awesome year for our little family!