Friday, June 7, 2013


That's right, Little Miss is officially ours!! Woohoo!! We met with the judge today and signed our final paperwork! We feel so incredibly blessed to have this little miracle in our family. I feel even more blessed that now I know without a doubt she is ours! 

The court appearance was short and sweet. We did have to wait 2 hrs to see the judge in a courtroom full of other people who had custody battles going on. For me it wasn't fun, but for my sweet 6 month old it was quite exhausting. She was so good and slept quite a bit but still. Finally a few lawyers couldn't be located so they stopped the custody battles to take care of the 2 adoption cases they had. Thank goodness!! We knew one lawyer who was there, the one they couldn't find, and he said he had 8 cases!! So my guess was we would've been there for a few more hours. When we sat with the judge he cleared the courtroom except for us and had us sign a few papers, made comments about how cute Little Miss is, and then took a few photos.  I think it took about 7 minutes. It was wonderful. 

Tomorrow we will have our little angel sealed to myself and DH for time and all eternity. As members of the LDS faith, or Mormon faith, we believe families are eternal. There is no "at death do you part" stuff for us. To learn more about what we believe about families click here. We have waited so long for our little family to have one more member and I can't believe the day has finally come! Then on Sunday DH will have the privileged to give her a blessing at our Sacrament service. It is all about Little Miss this weekend and I feel like I'm walking on sunshine! I just can't believe she is ours!