Friday, April 25, 2014


It has been a busy month over here. DH got a new job at his company and with that came an opportunity to relocate our family. They said it would be 3-9 months before the move would take place. Well one week shy of 3 months we moved. We moved north to a big city 3 weeks ago. We are two hours farther from family and friends. The adjustment has been slow. We listed our very nice large home and got a full price offer on day 2! (Amazing blessing!!!) The home we are renting is small, and by small I mean under 900 sqft. To go from 2600 sqft 4 beds 3 baths to under 900 2 beds 1 bath has been interesting. Our tiny 1 car garage is FULL of stuff. This home was built in the 40's so there is no storage other than the garage. There are days I look back at videos of Little Miss in our home and just want to cry. I miss all our space. Now that our home is in escrow it just seems so final. I know we were led here and this is where we are meant to be for now, but my heart is having a hard time letting go. There are a few really great things about the new city. We are close to everything! Tons of parks, the library, downtown, museums, restaurants, the zoo, you name it and we can be there in 10-15 min or less! The house has a killer backyard and deck for all of us to enjoy some outdoor space. All in all I know this will be a great move for our little family. Once we start meeting people and making friends I'm sure it will feel a lot more like home. 

Our new ward seems, interesting. Our building had some issues so we haven't been able to meet like we normally would. This has hindered the ability to meet people and make friends. Being a SAHM church is really my only social outlet. We did meet a few people the first week and already one man had a "comment" about our one child. "And is she your only child?" My response, "Yep our one and only." Then he followed up with, "Well we have three already." I'm not sure if he wanted a pat on the back or applause for making three tiny people. Mind you he has no clue how long we have been married, how old we are, or any other important information that would allow him to draw the conclusion we are slacking on the whole procreating front. Nor does he know our little miracle is adopted. I just laughed and thought, well it's begun already. Before we moved I told DH we should tell everyone we have only been married for 3 years instead of the almost 11 we have truly been married. That way no one would pass judgment about our "one" child. He laughed and said we couldn't be dishonest with people and Little Miss is a miracle that everyone should know about. Fine, fine I thought. And who knows, maybe people knowing her story will help lead us to our next little miracle. You never know what God has in store. 

So there you have it. My life in a nutshell. Like I said, the adjustment has been slow. There are days I'm really happy to be here and then there are days when I feel like this place may never feel like home. I guess it is all a process. I keep telling myself we don't have to live in this city forever, which is true, DH's company has locations throughout N Cali, and we could potentially move to any one of them. Including the city we both grew-up in. But we will be here for at least a year or two. I swear I use to handle big changes so much better. The older I get the harder it is. The silver lining is Little Miss seems to enjoy all the fun things we do and is adapting quite easily. Which is such a blessing. It will get easier and better as time goes on. We are so blessed to have all that we do and today that is what I will focus on.