Monday, October 22, 2012

Showered with love

Last week was the week of showers. I had my first one on Monday with all of my work ladies and then my family/church friend one Saturday. Both were so beautiful and amazing. People were so generous. I could not believe the gifts I received. It was wonderful.

It was a little awkward to be opening baby gifts. It is getting more real that in less then 4 weeks we will have a newborn in our home... But at the same time it is just so strange. We haven't had the normal 9 months to prepare. I am actually super grateful that we only had 4 months instead of the normal 9, well since we are adopting. I can't imagine going through the roller-coaster of emotions for 9 whole months. It is quite a blessing she found out as late as she did. Did I mention she attended my shower on Saturday? It was surreal thinking my daughter was at my shower even if she wasn't growing in my uterus. M was wonderful and talked to all my fun friends and had a great time. It was so nice to have her there.

A little M update: She went in today for her appt and they said she is a fingertip dilated and her cervix is nice and soft. She said she had a few contractions last night that weren't painful or regular but they were noticeable. She said she can feel baby girl down low now and has a lot of pressure and pain way down low. I have no clue if that means she will be here in a week or three but I am excited she is progressing. She will be 37 weeks on Thursday, so little miss can come anytime now. I am still kind of hoping she will at least wait until the 1st so she can have a November birthday. We don't have any birthdays in November on either side of our family, so I just like the idea of this special little spirit having her own birthday month. (It is the only month without a birthday and, with an extended family as large as ours, it's amazing we have a whole month without a birthday.)

I getting more excited as time passes and a bit less nervous. I have come to accept that this is 100% out of my hands and turning it over to my Heavenly Father is all I can do. His ways are higher than ours and only He knows the plan. I won't lie, there are still moments when I freak out a little but I say a quick prayer and refocus and am able to ground myself again.

So now that we are in the final stretch, what are some must have items I need for our little newborn? Other than a crib, car seat, diapers, and clothes. We have the basics, but what are some of the extra items you had that kept you, DH, and baby sane?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Break Time

We're headed out this weekend for our Babym.oon. Time for a little R&R while we still have time and money to get away. We'll drive over to Mont.ery tongith and be there until Sunday afternoon. A lot of parents told us we need to have a little getaway before the baby comes and one suggestion was all DH needed to make it a reality. We are both excited to take a break from all the insanity for a few days and just be us.

In other news, my first baby shower is on Monday. This is my work shower. I'm excited and nervous. The office I work in threw me a mini shower with cake and a few gifts a week ago and it was awkward to open baby gifts. I felt like an impostor. This is what IF for 8+ years will do to a girl's mind. So we'll see how it goes Monday will a lot more people and gifts.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


First thank you to all you ladies who commented on my last post. Those were some great suggestions and I had so many good questions going in. The "interview" went really well and I like her. We are going to stick with her. We didn't interview any of the other 5 pediatricians in our area, but she comes highly recommended and really there are only 6 total pediatricians here. She took us right back when we got there and was more than happy to spend all the time we needed with her to answer our questions, even with a full waiting room. They do have a "well baby" room separate from the normal waiting room for well baby appointments. I asked about formula and she said to buy whatever is on sale. (More on breast feeding later) She said to include one extra blanket when baby sleeps for the first few months. It really doesn't get super cold here so I don't need to bundle her up like an eskimo. She said the only shot they give in the hospital is for Hepatitis B and it's no big deal. She was laid back and honest and is a mother of three herself. She applauded M and her decision to place and couldn't say enough how much she admired her maturity and selflessness. (Which I appreciated.) So we have a pediatrician! YEAH! One more thing to check off the list.

M is 5 1/2 weeks away from delivery and we are getting more excited and anxious with each passing day. She doesn't seem to ever falter in her decision to place. She is so excited about everything. I have really tried to shift my focus the last few days to putting my trust in my Heavenly Father and no one else. It has made a huge difference. Not that I don't trust M, it's just I need faith in a higher power. I need to have faith that He knows the outcome and is taking care of me and M and little miss. He is our loving Father and wants what's best for all of us. So instead of wondering how M will ever be able to make such a hard and life-changing decision I know that He will help her make it and is already holding our hands through all of this. It has been such an amazing and miraculous journey already and baby isn't even here yet. What a blessing to be chosen to be her eternal family. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pediatrician Visit, HELP!

Ok ladies, I need your help. We have our first interview with a pediatrician here in town and I have no idea what to ask! Well, I shouldn't say that. I am going to ask about formula, shots, and how many blankets I need to use to keep little miss warm. (I had a friend tell me babies need to wear 1-2 layers more clothing/blankets than adults do. Then I had someone else tell me that is crazy and they need protection early on but they are little humans and don't need to be bundled up all the time. Hence the question I need answered.) So now I turn to you. What are some things I need to ask her? I am going to google some questions too, but you ladies are my best resource! Thanks in advance for your help.

PS I know I am a lame blogger lately. Sorry. 

PPS Can I juts say how amazing it is we are interviewing a pediatrician today!! Squeal! Love it!!