Monday, November 30, 2015

Stims Day 1

Went in for my US this morning and everything looked good. I took my two vials of Menopur right there in the office. Not the most pleasant shot but still ok. My mom went with me and learned how to give me the shot since DH is gone in the am pretty early. My side hurts a bit but other than that I'm good.

So I'm a bit nervous about this cycle. My RE was already discussing a FET, and I was like wait what??? And he said he is toning down my meds compared to last time but it is likely I will still be a good responder and we may have to freeze everything. I'm praying that won't happen. I want a fresh transfer. So fingers crossed. I stim until next Monday and then I'm back in to see how I'm doing. Weird thing, this office doesn't monitor my E2. Anyone ever had that happen? No blood draw today and not doing one next Monday either. Seems a bit strange. Especially since I had OHSS last time. It makes me a little concerned. I am grateful that this RE does all of his own monitoring. That is nice since I always have questions.

So that's it. Day 1 of shots and I start Dexamethasone tonight. But luckily I just swallow that. Easy. Wish me luck!