Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I promise we are still alive! I had two dear bloggy friends contact me today to check in. I guess that's the nudge I needed to get back to this space to update those of you who are still reading.

Little miss is 3.5 months old!! She seems to be doing amazing new things daily. She giggles a lot and can roll over from her tummy to her back. She sleeps through the night, yeah! She loves her binki, bamboo blanket from A&A, and playing with mommy and daddy. She hates her carseat and tummy time. She just started taking naps in her crib and isn't sure how she feels about that. Thank goodness for our Angel Care Monitor that is making that possible. I still run up and down the stairs to check on her every 5 min but hey it's progress. She just started fitting into 3 month clothing! The girl has over 60 outfits to wear that are 3 month size so here's to hoping it takes her a while to move to 6 months.

TPR still have yet to be signed. Like I have said before, when you are going through the state of CA no one cares or is in any kind of hurry to get these things done. We just continue to pray and wait as we care for our darling girl. We have faith it will all be ok. We know the BM is waiting for he BD to sign before she does just to be sure he doesn't try anything. She is still so amazing and so happy! She has no doubt she made the right decision. I text the BD weekly about small talk stuff and he seems to still 100% stand by the adoption so I'm not sure why he hasn't taken care of his part. So if you would like to send prayers our way it would be appreciated!!

All in all life is beautiful and amazing! I'm officially a SAHM! I love every second I get to spend with my girl. We have so much fun together throughout the day. I have never felt so blessed in all my life.