Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2nd Opinion

We had a consult with another RE on Friday. All went well. There were a few revelations.

1. I have PCO's. Not PCOS, just PCO's. I was confused as most women with PCOS are overweight, have excessive hair growth, an-ovulatory and irregular cycles. (None of which apply to me) He clarified that one can have polycystic ovaries with out having the syndrome. Ok. I have never been told this, so it was a bit eye opening.

2. RE #1 aka The Quack, put me on a very aggressive treatment plan for IVF #1. Given that PCOS ladies are often high responders I think RE #2 was a little shocked at the does of Gonal I was on.

3. OHSS would have been 100% preventable with IVF #1 if; a) I would have coasted and not triggered when I did. b) not been put on such a high does of Gonal. c) been given the proper meds to combat it once it took over. Also my clinic told me to drink "as much as possible," Dr. Z's advice, only 1 liter of Gato.rade or other sport drink per day. (No wonder I looked like I was 4 months pregnant)

4. He's pretty sure I have some king of immunology issue that could be preventing implantation. (Since I have PCO and endo) Will be testing for that.

5. He was ok with pursuing surrogacy but really felt I should look at all options before I made the decision. I told him I didn't want to be unable to do a fresh transfer again. He said he really thinks I will be able to do a fresh transfer. Haven't decided yet what we will do.

At the end all I said was, "Dr, do you really think this could work?" He said, "absolutely."

So he sent me enough info to occupy this IF girl for days. Seriously, talk about information overload!! I had a mini-breakdown today after work, after reading about the immunology stuff and if I test positive for NK cells what all that entails. I told DH I knew he sent it to me because he wants me to be well informed, but it just made me feel like we are that much further away from a baby....

Next steps, I talk to the nurse and financial coordinator on Thursday. He also wants me to get a local OB. (Yep, we have lived her 5 yrs and I still don't have one. I am a slacker.) I need to get another HSG done, since my last one was in 2005. DH needs a recent SA. After that I will have my day 3 US and blood work done for the immunology stuff. Sometimes it seems so daunting doing this all over. And he is much more through than The Quack, which I greatly appreciate, but it is just a longer list of to do's.

Thank you ladies for all your support. I wish I could hug each of you and tell you how much you mean to me. You make this whole thing tolerable.


  1. I totally fit the category for PCOS that you described (overweight, have excessive hair growth, an-ovulatory and irregular cycles). But I have heard of women who don't show any of the symptoms. (I believe Vic.toria Beck.ham has PCOS and she is super skinny!!!).

    I hope this doctor will make it all happen for you. All the paperwork and information overload is overwhelming, but hopefully will be worth it in the end!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful and informative appointment. I am so hopeful that you ARE that much closer to your baby! xoxo


  3. wow, so glad you got a 2nd opinion!!! a friend of mine has PCOS, and she totally has zero of the common indicators (she is a toothpick, she ovulates, etc.). hoping this doctor can help your dreams of becoming a mom come true!!

  4. So glad you got a 2nd opinion. My 1st IVF didn't work either and once the drugs and protocol was changed the second one was a success. Surrogacy is always an option if this doesn't work out and it's great that the doc is checking for other things so they can be watched and treated when necessary. Keeping you in my thoughts and hopes.