Monday, May 9, 2011

Not one tear...

... Was shed yesterday. I really felt at peace with the whole Mother's Day thing. (A First for me since ttc) I really can't tell you why or how it happened, it just did. I had a wonderful day celebrating the two women in my life who gave me and DH life. I even went to my own ward for church, also a first in 4 years. (The Lest time I felt so left out and ended up crying my eyes out ALL day long afterward, so I have gone to church wiht my mom every year on MD since.) It was truly a perfect day.

A friend, E, stopped by when we returned home and gave me a bouquet of roses picked fresh from her garden in a cute vase. We are not very close, so I was totally shocked. She is the mother of 5 b.oys and her youngest, who is 2, is adopt.ed. It was the kindest thing. I told her she didn't need to do that given I am not really a mother and she said, "we are all mothers." She is right. I told her this was the first year I feel totally at peace and she said that's becuase we are on the path and our blessing is soon coming. I hope she is right, but if not I am just grateful the day was wonderful.

I hope all of you wonderful ladies had a great day! We survived another year!
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  1. so glad you had a good day!!

  2. Glad you had a better day than you were expecting.

  3. So glad you had a good day...and what a wonderful friend!