Friday, April 9, 2010

Seeing blue

Today was the first day I could use the Estradoil the way it was intended, since AF left yesterday. (BTW this means sticking the tiny blue pill up inside my lady parts, for those that don't know.) I guess I didn't give another thought to the tiny blue pill until I went to take my first bathroom break a few hours later. I whipped and, "oh my heavens what is this blue junk!?!" Oh yeah, calm down, it is the aftermath of sticking a blue pill up my vajay-jay. Got it. Infertility, how fun you can be, making me see colors I thought I would never see on a sheet of TP. I felt like screaming out, "My discharge is blue!! It's blue!!" (think of Kate Hudson in "Bride Wars" when her new "wedding hair" is unveiled only to reveal the color was botched and she now has blue hair.) I'm sure some of you veterans out there are thinking well what did you think would happen sticking a blue pill up there? I guess I didn't think about it.

Tomorrow I start my patch. I wonder what adventures that will bring....

(By the way I am getting more pumped about this cycle. I cam to the conclusion that thinking the worst will not make it any easier when the worst happens. So why not be positive and think the best?!)


  1. Wow, that would be quite the shocker...I didn't have any meds stuck up in that area during our cycle so I'm with you I would have been a bit shocked initially if that happened to me.
    Great outlook to have going into this cycle. Sending lots of good vibes & hope your way:)

  2. I think you are right about being positive. I have tried so hard not to get too excited about our IVF cycle but, as you say, being negative isn't going to soften the blow.

    Enjoy the blue discharge!

  3. Hey lady, hope you're doing well & gearing up for this FET! Just a little something that I hope makes you smile...I nominated you for a blog award today, check out my blog for more info:)

  4. Love the positive outlook! Sometimes it's so difficult to even get there - I know. But it will make the process more enjoyable and I, too, am soooo hopeful for you! You have a lot of great embryos ready and waiting to become babies :)