Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have waited so long to type that kind of title. I was so excited on Monday to finally have the opportunity to have embryos in my uterus! Let me recap the day for you.

Transfer was set to begin at noon. I was instructed to be at the hospital by 10:30 am. My mom was taking me and we got there a little bit before 10:30. While I was checking in with the receptionist, the phone rang. She had just started writing my name and I was a but annoyed that she didn't finish before answering the phone. "I am checking her in right now," she said. She got off the phone and told me they were running ahead of schedule and were ready for me. She had the one of the ladies check me in right away, even though there were like 10 people in front of me. We checked in and went up the elevator. We sat out in the waiting are for about 5 min and a nurse came out to take us back. She took my bp 134/105, whoops I guess I was a little nervous. I promised it was never that high. She said she would check it again later.

We went to my little holding room and I changed and got ready. The nurse came in with some bottled water and told me to start drinking. I reassured her I would not need very much, my bladder is the size of an acorn, I don't think she believed me. Then the OR nurse came in and my RE not much later. He told me we had 2 out of 3 embryos to transfer and that one had not survived. He said one was perfect and the other a little slower growing. My mom was quite concerned that one was slow growing, I told her not to worry that what would be would be.

They came to wheel me in a little after 11:15. They moved me over to the nifty IVF bed and got me into position. My RE slid some leg warmers on my feet and the nurse placed them into the "this-is-not-a-joke-don't-move" stirrup. Then they pulled my gown back to my naval. I had no clue I would be so exposed. I guess I should have figured since they have to do an external u/s. Luckily having to pee occupied all my thoughts. My RE got me prepped and ready while the other RE, the one I have never met because he only does IUI's, held the wand in position. They made sure the catheter was in the right place and then removed it and stuck it back in with the embryos. The RE holding the u/s turned the monitor so I could see the white spot that was located in the center of my lining. "And that's them right there," he said. I was amazed. I had real live things inside me. Then my RE emptied my bladder with a catheter. I was in heaven at that point. Embryos in, pee out! The nurse checked my bp again 90/70, perfect.

I laid in the OR for 15 min and was then transferred to another bed and taken to the recovery room. (All of the IVF's are performed at the hospital next to the RE's office, but they hold all the IVF patients in a separate area. Which is nice.) I stayed in the 45* angle with my feet above my head for an hour and then they slowly transitioned me to sitting up. I felt so incredible after it was all done. I still feel pretty great!

Bed rest the last 48 hrs has not been very fun. It is hard to stay in bed with your hips propped up. I am glad that part is over. Now begins the wait until my beta on May 3rd. I do have 2 pee sticks in the house and I'm sure I will use one before then.


  1. Wishing you great luck! So glad you finally go to do your transfer!

  2. So excited for you!!! Praying everything continues smoothly from here on out:)

  3. Congrats on a great transfer! And WOW, I would have been surprised at the sheet up to the navel, too! I had no idea and hadnt thought of this- thanks so much for posting it!! Praying your little ones will snuggle in tight!

  4. Sounds like it went as smoothly as it could! Right on! Stick emby's Stick!

  5. Sounds like it went well. Thanks for the report, it is always good to know what to expect.

    Really hoping that the next week and a bit flies past. Wishing you lots of luck.

  6. Sounds like a perfect transfer! Your details of the experience even brought tears to my eyes for some crazy reason. I just remember our little embryos going in and that feeling of hopeful joy.
    Sending thoughts and wishes of implantation your way!!

    Remember that some pink spotting could be normal, so don't panic if you get some...cramping is normal no matter what so don't think it means anything good or bad...same with breast tenderness - don't overanalyze every little feeling. Take it from me with 5 IVFs under my belt - the times I was sure it worked, it didn't and the times I "knew" it hadn't, it worked. There is no telltale sign of anything and you'll go nuts (and I mean certifiably NUTS) thinking about it all. This 2ww is BY FAR the worst part of the whole thing so do what you can to be relaxed and just know that they're in there doing the best they can.
    Good luck!!!

  7. I completely second everything Tracey said!! We're all thinking about you during this anxious time!!!! XOX

  8. I *love* that you got to write 2dp3dt, too! I am so excited for you and your embryos growing in there!!! Glad the transfer went smoothly.

    When I had my ET and they did the external u/s, they put a sheet over my lap and then lifted my gown, so my lady parts were never exposed. I know we "show it all" at many points in this journey, but I appreciated not having to lay there naked. I'm actually surprised they did that!


  9. loved your title. enjoy it. hang in there!

    iclw #125


  10. Sending lots of "sticking" thoughts your way.