Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waiting as patiently as possible

That's about all i have been up to lately. We did DH's SA Monday. I will call for results next week sometime. Waiting for AF to get here. She is due tomorrow, but I am hoping she is just a day late because then I wont have to refill my bcp Rx. (I will be 1 day short if she comes tomorrow.)

In other news my friend C is going to have her sweet little boy on February 18th. Man time went by fast. I am going to make the cupcakes again for her shower next Saturday. A lot of people thought I should be throwing her shower. Well I just don't feel like I have the time or energy to do that right now. So I just never offered. Another woman from our ward (church group) offered to do it and asked me to make the cupcakes. I gladly accepted! I will make cupcakes any day of the week. I was so grateful someone else finally stepped up so the pressure was off of me.

Not much else going on. Hope you all have a happy weekend.


  1. Waiting is so hard, especially when you're waiting for more than one thing! Hoping AF is a day late so you dont have to refill your script....

  2. You and I are pretty much on the same track cycle-wise! I'm hoping for AF to hurry up already though, since I don't want it to interrupt my trip to Mexico next month :).

  3. Waiting is the name of the game....doesn't it suck!!! Hang in there...hope AF comes soon!! :)