Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello old friend

AF has arrived. Well sort of. I have had spotting, but it's red, so I'm counting it. It started yesterday morning. I was sure that by today she would be in full force, but not yet. Maybe tomorrow. I will start bcp tomorrow and continue until the day after Valentine's Day. Quick question, will I get another period when I go off bcp?? I start Lupron February 10th, and I'm not sure if that will keep it at bay or what. Well if I do that means I will have another period in 18 days. Yuck. Oh well, it will be my LAST for at least 40 weeks! (Fingers crossed)

I went to Bath & Body last night to get some good bubble bath. I have decided to have a nightly routine during this process to help me relax. I have read several places about how important it is to pamper yourself during treatments and I plan to follow that advice. Anyone have any good suggestions? I thought bubble baths and maybe some good meditative music. I am excited to have a reason to do it. We so often forget to take time out for ourselves, and this is really going to force me to do it.


  1. Good for you for treating youself. It is SO important.


  2. I always got AF after stopping BCPs - every time. I'm super excited for you that you are starting!!

    Mmmmm, bubble baths. Good idea on the routine. I have been trying to do the "me" things lately too. Massages to work out the tension, acupuncture. I also have a few calming CDs I like to put in that help me unwind.

  3. That's wonderful you're taking time for you! It's so important to find time to relax & de-stress as much as possible during IVF!
    And yes, unfortunately it will likely not be the last of AF, at least for a little while.

  4. Glad AF is finally making her appearance!

  5. I hope it will be the last AF for a very long time! The Bubble Baths sound excellent! My favorite pamperings is going to get a cup of coffee and taking my book.... or making a cup of hot chocolate... or getting a manicure ... or going to the bookstore with no agenda and no time crunch!!

  6. I did not have a period after BCP this cycle. I thought it was weird, but the RE said it was okay.

    Enjoy pampering yourself!