Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new plan

I had a MAJOR break down Friday night. I mean real bad! I have reached my breaking point with life. Between IVF, lack of funds, my mom being sick, and pregnant women everywhere, I just could not seem to cope one more second. Poor DH, he is such a wonderful man and sat with me and let me tell him how much I hate the world. I just feel like I can't take all this pressure. So tonight we sat down and talked about our fertility plan. Not something we have done in a while. We came up with a totally new plan..... Donor IUI. We both feel that, given our fertility issues, it is a good step to try before pulling out the big guns for IVF. He doesn't really care about having genetic connections to our children and likes the fact that it is thousands cheaper than IVF. The great news is we will be starting ASAP. I am scared and still weighing through all the emotions. We have thought a lot about adoption, and have always felt like that was something we would do, so this at least gives us the opportunity to have some genetic connection to a child.


**Side note - we have actually been talking about DIUI for months now and finally went through everything and decided it was the next step we wanted to take. So know that this decision was not made in one conversation.


  1. Hi there kiddo. I think that you are a very intelligent woman and your DH is probably a winner for picking you. Even though you have been discussing this for months, have you considered a counselor who specializes in IF just to make sure your DH has fully analyzed his feelings? Some guys don't fully go through all of their emotions. You would know best, but I wanted to play devil's advocate for a moment. Wishing you all the best in the pursuit of a loving family.

  2. I think if severe MF is the only issue and your DH isn't dead set on the genetic connection (mine sadly wouldn't even consider DS), DIUI is a fantastic option. Avoid the expense and danger of IVF, with good chances of success. Congrats on marrying an obviously great guy! And you can always adopt or do IVF in the future if you choose to. I always thought adoption is very expensive, with no guarantees, and a potentially very very long timeline too. Good luck picking out the donoer!

  3. I know it's a huge/hard decision but I am excited for you as you head down this new path. We came to the same conclusion just a few months ago after our 5th failed IVF cycle and our world has changed dramatically since then. It was the right decision for us and I'm confident based on your post you have discussed all the angles and are happy with your decision and ready to dive in. Good luck with your new journey!

  4. Congrats on your decision and being able to move forward with new hope!

    I think IF Optimist has a good suggestion for your hubby to see a counselor first to make sure he's been able to work through all of his feelings. It can't hurt, anyway...

    Wishing you lots of luck!

  5. I think if you are both in agreement with the decision than you should definitely go for it!!

    I also would like to suggest 2 blogs that I've been following for a long time.

    Annacyclodedia at Working on It is due to deliver any day (if she hasn't already) She conceived via DIUI.

    And Mandy over at No Swimmers in the Tubes, No Bun in the oven recently gave birth to a beautiful little boy after DIUI.

  6. YEAH for talking and getting plan. I think dIUI is awesome! If you are both for it, and comfortable with it then GO FOR IT! YEAH!!! I agree with serenity- No Swimmers is a great blog to follow, I also follow a few others that are from donor sperm- My friend Jendies (Sell Crazy Someplace Else) is currently in her 2ww from dIUI.

    I am sorry you had a meltdown- that always sucks. Sometimes it works as a reset button though. I hope it does for you.