Monday, October 19, 2009

Helping out the swimmers

Our RE recommended DH start taking Fertility Belnd before our first try at IVF. He took it for 3 months earlier this year when we hoped to do our cycle in July. He didn't do anohter SA since we decided to hold off for a bit. We know it wont make his swimmers majically go from >1 million to 20 million. We hope that maybe it will improves his motility. He just started back on it a few days ago and has another three month supply. (Keeping our fingers crossed we will have the money saved in 3 months)

Has your hubby ever tried some kind of herbal blend? Did it work?


  1. Hey there,

    I'm new to reading your blog. I can't recall if I've commented before or not.

    My husband's urologist prescribed Clomid for him. He took it for 6 months leading up to when we conceived. His diagnosis wasn't severe, but we were struggling with low counts and poor motility. And it worked. Within the first 3 months on it, his numbers improved. The remaining 3 months we don't know because we hadn't gone back in for an additional SA.

    I say you have nothing to lose with the Ferility Blend. Any little bit helps, as long as you and he are comfortable with it.

    Good luck!


  2. I had my DH take FertileAid for Men but he had never done an SA before or after so I don't know. I did read in another book about all sorts of supplements that are included in those blends, so I think it can do nothing but help!

  3. We weren't recommended this, but my husband specifically failed the Acrosome Reaction (or Sperm Penetration Assay) test. Don't know if vitamins help with that. What is the difference in vitamins from a regular centrum multivitamin?

  4. My hubby has been taking Fertility Blend and his motility went from 17% to 34% within a month. I don't know if it was the vitamins that helped or not but it can't hurt. I've also got him on 1000mg of Vit C. Good luck!!

  5. I have heard that it has helped some people!

    My DH takes a vitamin concoction (I essentially tried to copy what was in the Fertility Blend mix), but we don't know if it was that or the surgery that improved his motility. I lean toward the surgery since it has been a slow improvement. But his counts have who knows.

  6. We tried FertilAid for DH, but it made him very nauseous. After that he was pretty skeptical of any herbal blend. We have him Geritol Complete now, because I've read lots of good things about it.

    The Tamoxifen and Arimidex perscriptions from the urologist really improved the numbers the best though...all relative, of course, but we definitely saw improvement after those.

    Good luck! There's certainly nothing to lose by trying the Fertility Blend!!