Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am getting really restless sitting on the bench waiting for my turn to go in. I know that DH wants to have every penny accounted for before we start our first round of IVF, but all this waiting is killing me! I have a wonderful friend I have known for years. She and her husband have triplets conceived through IVF. She was the first person I reached out to when we learned of DH's diagnosis. Turns out they have the same issue. She went in for her FET last week and is pregnant, this time with one baby. I am super excited fer her. They are amazing parents and such a cute little family. My sadness came because we were planning to do our cycle before her, then maybe at the same time, now after. I know that it will happen sooner rather than later, but I wish sooner was today! Is 5 years not long enough to wait?!? All I want for Christmas is IVF!


  1. The waits are TORTURE!! We have been TTC for almost 4 years, so I feel you! I hate putting my life & dreams on hold and feel pretty much devoid of all hope & joy whenever we aren't "trying". I hope time speeds up for you, but just wanted to let you know I get it. My goal once again this year is PG by Christmas (so that I can actually enjoy the holidays again). I'm running out of time :(

  2. I hate waiting!!! We don't have anything specific we're waiting for (treatment-wise anyway, we're always waiting for a baby)...and it's still torture.

    I hope you get your Christmas wish :)

  3. the waiting surely is the hardest part. i am on the bench right now as well, and i can't wait to get back in the game.

  4. I felt benched for so long, too! I hope you get to move forward sooner than you expect.