Friday, August 21, 2009

Will I ever learn...

...that teenagers can get pregnant without even trying, and that I need to not be so shocked!?! Probably not. Yesterday a co-worked told me her 16 year old granddaughter is knocked-up. (It is "knocked-up" and not expecting, pregnant, or with child when they are 16.) And not just a little bit, she is 5 months!!

Pick jaw up off floor and push eyes back into sockets.

And she just had her first OB appointment last week. Did I mention she lived with her grandmother, my co-worker, when she conceived?? Oh and she was on BCP to help prevent this kind of a mess. But at 16 who can really expect her to take that tiny pill everyday at precisely the exact same time as the day before as noted in the instructions.

My first words out were, "She's pregnant! B is pregnant!" "I wish I could give it to you," was her reply. I wish so too!

I would like to say that there are not two, but three guarantees in this life... death, taxes, and undeserved pregnancies.

***Yes, she will be keeping the baby and raising it with her drug abusing mother and mom's new live-in boyfriend. B's boyfriend is out of the picture, surprise, surprise.


  1. Fourth guarantee in life:

    Articles that talk about infertility will always have a bone head comment from a (usually a man) saying something like, "Just think about how much sex you get to have instead." Oh yeah, sex is so much fun on the IF roller coaster.

    Just read a fantastic article about some of the hoop jumping that adoption causes. I was going to link to it, until the first comment was a bonehead saying, "Just think about how much sex they got to have." No worries, I sent the paper an email and said that ALL comments need to be moderated.

    I feel so bad for children who are born to people who are not ready to care for them.

    Have a good weekend girl!

  2. Yep, it's definitely hard to see children with parents who are so enormously underprepared (on so many levels) to parent. It feels unjust. I see this way too much as a social worker. It's rough.

    Hang in there!

  3. Awww man! That's so tough. And, the "I wish I could give it to you" commen, while well meaning, doesn't help much. I agree with your list of guarantees, plus bending backwards' 4th addition! (((HUGS)))

  4. That frustrates me so much. At 16, and five months pregnant no less... Aaarrgh!

  5. Arggh. So frustrating and I'm sorry :(

  6. ugh. That just sucks. I had a co-worker tell me the other day (with the best intentions) "have a fun shots and pretend you are 16- that'll get you pregnant!!" Um, okay. #1 I did't do shots when I was 16 (i was a good little church girl at that age)
    #2 ugh. Like liquor is going to cause MY DH to grow seminal vesicles and vas defrens.
    #3 Think the liquor will burn off my endo?

    God love her- she really meant well. She even knows of our IF struggle- she was just trying to make me smile. The only other people that 'get it'....are ones that have gone through it too.

  7. I am shaking my fists at the sky and saying GRRRRRRRRRR on your behalf. Stupid mumble grumble people.