Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Award...

Sweet Sarah at Babies everywhere... but none that call me mama gave me this wonderful award...

The rules of the “One Lovely Blog Award” are: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I would like to pass this award along to these great girls:

1. Sassyiflady at The Sassy Infertile Lady
2. Lorza at Baby Making Journey
3. IF Optimist at IF Optimist, then...
4. Rebbecca at Crazy Lady Ramblings
5. Liddy at The Unfair Struggle
6. Hope.Fatith.Patience at Hope.Faith.Patience
7. Illanare at My word fly up, my thoughts remain below
8. Hillary at Making Me Mom

I know that there are supposed to be more, but so many people have received this lately. Thank you to all my readers. This journey is hard enough, we should not travel alone!


  1. Thanks for the award! :)