Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bad blogger I know

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. We moved into our new home last Saturday and to say we have been busy is an understatement! Plus, I wanted to have everything painted before we moved in. And painting in June in the California heat is not fun. I don't know what I was thinking!! Now it feels good to have the downstairs done, and I am grateful I did it. We also had our new couch delivered! Oh how I love it. Here is a quick glimpse...

The nice thing is every section is separate, so it can be as big or small as you want. Ours is larger than what they have pictured here. We have gone a few months without a couch. (I got really tired of our old one, so one day I just stuck it out on our front lawn with a sign. It was gone within an hour. Our small Ikea loveseat was all we were left with.) When we had our offer accepted on the new home I told DH the first thing we were going to do is buy a new couch. We looked for a few weeks and finally found this one. Now we can have guests over again!


  1. That couch looks totally smooshy comfy-tastic. Thanks for showing it off.

  2. Love it! Congrats on your new home :)
    btw, if you are comfortable with sharing, where in CA are you? I'm on the central coast...

  3. Here through blogger bingo :-)
    Hope you're enjoying your new place, your furniture look lovely!
    And that's an excellent reason for not blogging :-).