Thursday, December 10, 2015


I went in for my last monitoring appt today at a local US office. SInce a tech was performing the US and not a MD I didn't get to see the screen. She let me see what my ovaries looked like on the screen after she was done, not super helpful. I have been feeling like maybe we should pull the plug on this cycle since Monday and learning I only had 4-7 good follicles. So I've been praying and thinking about it. Today when my RE's office called to tell me my retrieval would be Saturday I told her I need to speak to the RE. He called me back and said I had 3 follicles about 20  and 3 around 17. So maybe 6 eggs total. That wasn't enough for me. I'm 33, I shouldn't have responded so poorly. He said that about 1/2 of my eggs should be normal too, last visit, so then we are looking at 1-3 eggs. UGH! I told him I couldn't continue with the way things were going. He understood. But wants to try again in a few months. I want to find another clinic.

 I feel like the lady who just keeps jumping ship. First with the adoption and now this. But both times I have felt peace about our decision. So that's what I need to go with. This time I just couldn't spend the $6k we were going to drop on anesthesia and the lab fees for 6 possible eggs. Last time we had 21 and 0 babies. I just need more to feel like it will work.

So here we are again. Back to square one... But with each failure we learn. So not all is lost.


  1. Sorry this cycle wasn't the one for you :-(

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that the cycle did not work out!

  3. I was thinking about you and was wondering how things were. (I don't get to catch up on blogs as much anymore). I'm sorry the cycle was cancelled. I know it's hard but keep believing that greater blessings are in store for your family

  4. New reader here, wishing you well. Glad you went with your gut/intuition. In case it's helpful, I did recently read that a lot of eggs is not necessarily "better" - but sounds like 6 is too few. Hoping you get a number somewhere between - quality and several great ones.

    1. Just realized this was in December... curious how things are going and if you ended up switching docs.

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