Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

Since I am new I thought I would give all my fellow bloggers a few random facts about me that do not relate to infertility. (Since I am not just a barren woman.)

1. I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

2. I still run and jump into bed sometimes when it is dark and my husband isn’t home. (I guess to avoid monsters.)

3. I am an avid researcher. I had a co-worker who loved to ask me questions because I know so many random things, and she knew if I didn’t know the answer I would find it. I just like to know things.

4. I am the oldest of six children.

5. I am Mormon and very active in my church. (Which explains the 5 younger siblings)

6. I love water. I drink it by choice.

7. I prefer to drive barefoot.

8. I am only 5’2” but I say, “I am 5’4”, on good days.”

9. I love to write. I am not saying I am good at, I just really enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper.

10. Baking is my all time favorite thing to do. I love to get lost in a new recipe.

11. I am a small person. Not just in height or weight, just in general. My 9 year old sister calls me a midget. All of my siblings are taller than me, except the 9 year old, by at least 5-6 inches. My one and only brother is 6’3” and once weighed in at 270 lbs. (He now weighs close to 170) People still cannot believe we have the same mother and father.

12. My DH and I still act like newlyweds. We celebrated 6 years in May and just love to be with one another. I really lucked out in the marriage department.

13. My favorite TV show is The Office.

14. I will try any kind of food once.

15. I love to wear black.

16. I am a morning person. I just love the rush and energy of a new day.

17. I think it is fun to quote random movies.

18. I am a really feisty little person.

19. I love sushi.

20. I love modern design.

21. I do not have a green thumb. I have killed every pant I have ever owned.
22. I love getting stuff in the mail. Even if I know it is coming. It is like Christmas in July!

23. I love to dance. Even when there is no music. I have a song always running in my head.

24. I can memorize things really quickly, which really came in handy when I was in school.


  1. #10-If you love baking and research, you should totally check out this book from the library, "Cookwise" by Shirley Corriher. She is a food scientist who via recipes teaches the biology and chemistry of cooking. It's one of my favorites and most of it is specific to baking.

    #12-What awesome news. MrBeep and I still can't keep our claws off each other, even when just sitting on the couch.

    #14-You are my favorite person for that! I LOVE THAT!

    #23-I have that same thing about music playing in my head. Weird aint it?

    :-) Great post, I look forward to more. Thanks again for your very kind comment on my blog.

  2. Hi! Welcome to blogland :-) I'm sorry you have to go through this difficult journey. My husband also has severe MFI and were told that IVF/ICSI is our only chance. I'm more than happy to answer any questions if you need :-)