Friday, February 25, 2011

On reunions and such

My HS reunion is this year. Gasp, has it been that long already. I'm sure that 94% of my classmates are not where they thought they would be 10 years after HS. Yes, I have a wonderful husband, good job, beautiful home, etc. but still no kids. From what I can tell on FB there are plenty of my former classmates that are on the slow train, as far as kids and marriage go. So will I stick out and the "IF" classmate? No probably not. Well until they all find out we have been married 8 years and I still have yet to complete my degree. (What have I been doing the last 10 years!?!) I'm sure most of you fellow IF ladies have been here. How did you do it? What did you do? Should I skip the reunion? With FB these days you pretty much know everything you want to about the people you cared about in HS. I still have about 6+ months until the blessed event, but no way am I going to hope I will be pg by then. I am going to assume our life will be pretty much the same as it is now when I go. That way I am not setting myself up for disappointment.


  1. Our class didn't even have a reunion. I always thought I'd look forward to a reunion, but in the last few years I dreaded the possibility of showing up and being childless and have to answer questions about why we were married for so long with "nothing to show for it". I think reunions are overrated - everyone you wanted to keep in touch with after HS, you have already and who cares about the rest, right?

  2. I don't think i'll ever be part of my HS reunion as i've not kept in touch with them. But, if it is causing you already so much thinking and worries as how it will go maybe it is best to skip the is inevitable that people would be curious as to what has happened to everyone in the last 10 years and the topic of children would also pop up. The only way i can see you get through those uncomfortable questions is to rehearse a line that you would just use when necessary and move on to get a drink or something. IT is never easy as an IF to be around others who probably do not understand how we feel. No explanation is ever good enough. Good luck.

  3. My HS reunion is next year and I am not looking forward to it. I was the first of our year group to get married but will be one of the last to have kids (if we ever can conceive).
    I don't think I could handle being the 'faulty' one, even with everything else under my control going well.