Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yep, I am living in a state of constant insanity. I cry like a baby at the drop of a hat. This hormone stuff sucks. My appt yesterday went well. E2 was at 58, I was a little nervous, but everything looked amazing. Apparently my RE was a little worried about how quickly my uterus responded last time because this time he wants to see me in a week. So I will go in for another scan on Monday. I am guessing my transfer will still be early the week of August 2nd.

Oh and surprise, I don't have to pay the $750 RE fee this cycle. I was a little shocked. When I asked the front desk lady why she asked if I had just done a fresh cycle, I said no, then she asked if I was doing consecutive cycles, why yes I am, then there is no charge she said. Say what?!? Ok, I'll take it. So I ran out the door as fast as I could before she changed her mind. I will still have to pay the $350 hospital fee, but that is no big deal.

So my SIL is pregnant, my brother's wife. Best part is I found out via FB. Nice. My brother texted us all about 2 hrs later to inform us baby #2 was on the way, little late bro. This is the same SIL who stole my baby name.* (And will be taking our other girl name if #2 is a girl or our boy name if it is a boy. Yep she is fun.) I guess I am a little upset about it because I swear she is just trying to get pregnant before me. She was trying to be all up in my business during IVF #1 and FET #1, but never really showed any interest after they failed. My sweet niece just turned 2 and SIL has been wanting another since my niece was 7 months. But, they live with her parents, and older sister, and my brother is still in school. So my brother has been able to hold it off until now. I guess her persuasive powers won the war. Really, I am happy to have another baby on my side on the way, since my bother and I are the only two married. I just wish it was me...

I hope I can get my emotions more under control. Luckily DH is amazing and has put up with all the insanity I throw his way. Poor guy. I don't really feel excited or nervous about this cycle just yet. It is like I am on autopilot just going through the motions. I did remember to ask the nurse for Valium for this transfer. No problem. I want to be as relaxed as one can possibly be with my bottom in the air for the whole world to see. I am really looking forward to that.

*Conversation with SIL while she is 8 months preggo with my niece...
ME: So do you have a name?
SIL: Well we like Rea.gan
ME: Please don't use Rea.gan I have loved that name forever and was planning on using it for our first little girl. Oh well, if you use it I can use Ken.nady. I like that name too.
SIL: Oh Ken.nady is going to be our second little girl's name

Mind you I had mentioned the name Re.agan several times before at family things saying that would be our first little girl's name. It's ok, my niece is darling and the name fits her well. It just makes me sad that she is so evil. I guess we will have to come up with new names.


  1. I'm glad to know your E2 is looking good. Really keeping you in my thoughts and good wishes that this will be the golden ticket. Honestly, I had soooooo much fun picking our daughters names WITH my husband that perhaps you can look forward to doing that together.

    Oh, and F your SIL and her selfishness. Karma will get her some day. ;-)

  2. Wow, I can't believe your SIL. Don't think I would be handling her too well, either (HUG) Encouraging news that your E2 is looking good!

  3. Name stealing! That's one of the worst things you can do to an infertile girl :(. She doesn't sound very nice...
    Glad everything is looking good so far for this cycle, and YAY for not having to pay the extra fee!

  4. SIL!?!?! Grrr...I'd be pissed about that too...Glad E2 looks good. I am feeling excited for you!! You're next I just feel it!!!! XOX

  5. It's hard when you're the only ones who don't have kids in the family and everyone else has 'taken' all the good names you want!

    I'm sure you will come up with even sweeter names that will fit your babies perfectly!

  6. When you come up with new names, be sure NOT to tell your SIL what they are, as she's sure to steal them. Or, if you want, make up fake "favorite" names ("Vienna" and "Geneva") and tell her. That way she'll pick those names and not the ones you want. Just saying...

  7. I came across your post and just wanted to leave a quick comment..SIL boy they can be quite nosey! I just wanted to say you are not alone.
    But your evil SIL does remind me of my brother's ex-girlfriend who would always get into my business..thank goodness she is out of the picture.

    I also agree don't tell your SIL any more of your favourite names that is so inconsiderate of her to take your names for your future children especially when you told her you would like to keep them.
    Babies will come to you very soon and your SIL will just be very quiet. (in other words she will shut up and mind her own business)

  8. Yay for a good start to your cycle AND reduced fees! Whoo-hoo!