Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My AF seems to be lost! Today is cd 35 and I am pretty regular with 31 day cycles. I am guessing this has something to do with all the drugs and hormones I have been pumping into my body the last few months. Has your cycle been longer after a failed IVF or FET??

I did schedule my next appt with my RE on Monday, so I will be asking him if she hasn't come to visit by then. (cd 40) The only other time I have been this late is right before our IVF in February. And that was stress related. I know I have been stressed lately but come on! Hopefully she comes soon.

I received my letter from the office stating bcp need to be started on cd3 for the cycle starting after June 7th. So I will be starting those pretty soon. Transfers will be taking place between August 2-13. Man that seems so close! Didn't we just do this?! I am starting to get a little excited!


  1. Oh I'll be the one to ask- have you tested?!

    My period came on time 14ish days after ET, and I think I'm somewhere in the middle of the 2ww in the first full cycle after our failed IVF. Of course I'm deliriously hoping that maybe we'll be pregnant this time. HA!

    Hope she shows sooner than later so you can get on the ball for your next cycle!

  2. Hope AF shows up for you soon, I had a lot of problems with long cycles, but it was prior to IVF. Thinking of you & hoping everything goes smoothly this time around for you:)

  3. I've always had irregular cycles, but after IVF, they've always seem longer. Good luck!

  4. Guess you weren't charting, right? Do you have any idea what day you ovulated? Irregular ovulation is one thing - irregular LP is another. Hopefully AF shows up soon so you can get moving with the next cycle.

  5. I am so happy to hear excitement again in your writing! I really have a good feeling about this upcoming FET for you...don't ask me why, but I just have a feeling that things will go very, VERY well.

    Sorry AF is being a lazy bitch....she'll come around! Hope this is your last one for a long while!! ;-)


  6. Hope AF shows soon so you can get the schedule started for the FET. August is coming soon, yay!!

  7. Yay for new beginnings and the excitement and hope they bring. Here's hoping this is THE cycle!