Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving forward

Thank you again for all your support. You ladies are simply the best! Today is CD1 and I feel totally at peace with everything. Do I wish today I was celebrating being almost 5w pregnant instead of CD1, yes, but that is not the way things worked out this time. I know that the Lord has a plan and we just have to have faith and trust in Him.

So our next step will be going back to transfer our remaining embryos in July. We have a family vacation planned for the last week in June to Pismo Beach and I want to be able to ATV and kayak without having to worry about possibly being pregnant. (Since I would be in the middle of our 2ww if we did a transfer in June.) This vacation will be hard because DH’s youngest sister will be 7 months pregnant. I would’ve been 13 weeks if this cycle would’ve worked. So I’m sure pregnancy and birth will be all the women, MIL and my two other SIL’s, will be talking about. Plus we will be having a baby shower for her since we all live pretty far away from each other.

We have 9 day 1 embryos left. I think we will unfreeze all in hopes to get two perfect ones to transfer back. I first wanted to take out 5 and hope for 2, but given that we had 8 growing when we thought we would do a fresh transfer, before my OHSS got really bad, and only 3 became good embryos, I think we will do all 9. I don’t want to do all the hormones and get prepped and not have any high quality ones to transfer. The good news about freezing day 1 embryos is they are not as affected by the freeze thaw process, according to my RE. Hopefully that will be the case and we can have success in July.

I don’t know how you ladies do all that you have. Going through one failed cycle was really yucky. And mine wasn’t even a fresh transfer, so the likelihood of failure was much higher. Now looking back I don’t know how I thought it would work. My clinic has very low success rates with frozen transfers. I remember saying that to the IVF nurse when she said we would likely skip the transfer and freeze all embryos. Her response, “When I first started here we didn’t have ANY pregnancies from frozen transfers, but now we’ve had like 7! In fact my best friend had twins from a frozen transfer.” Really, did she think that would make me feel better?!? A whole 7 pregnancies, now I really want to freeze everything. I felt like I had just flushed $10k down the drain. Maybe we can bring that total up to 8! HAHAHA!


  1. I am glad you are at peace. That's huge in this IF world. Enjoying being at peace and enjoy your vacation.

  2. I remember the wave of emotions after our first IVF failed. I really understand what you've been through and I'm so sorry that you had to experience it. You are so brave and tough!!!!

    I'm so glad that you have 9 frozen embies to try again for a pregnancy in July!! I also REALLY hope that that FET makes #8 for your clinic!!!

    Fingers crossed...ALWAYS!!!!! xox

  3. Nothing is harder than bouncing back from a failed IVF. Having a plan is what always helped me, and you're on your way. Good thinking about waiting until after the vacation, now you can really have fun!
    Stay strong, girl!

  4. {{HUGS}} I am so sorry girl. Seems like you are doing pretty good (as can be expected) mentally.
    As much as it sucks not being pregnant, I hope you can enjoy vacation!!!!

  5. Glad to feel your in a good place emotionally right now, hope that this continues for you. You've been so incredibly strong through all this & it is truly admirable. Thats wonderful you guys have 9 embryos to use in the next cycle. Praying that you get several perfect embryos when they're thawed!

  6. Thankful to hear you are doing ok and have a fun vacation to look forward to. And I will be hoping and praying the FET in July is the one!!