Saturday, October 25, 2014

I love technology

Modern day technology sure makes life fun. It is such a nice way to keep in touch with people all over the world. Ok, for me I mostly just keep up with people locally, let's be honest. There are times when FB has one too many pregnancy photos or announcements, but to be honest, I feel like the days of everyone getting prego are gone. Most of my friends are well past baby number 3 or 4, so many are done with the family growing stage. I'm still in my early 30's, but when friends start popping out babies in their early 20's, most are almost done by now. It's kind of nice. Sure Little Miss is the same age as some families 4 or 5 child, but I'm ok with that.

Anyway, the point of this post was to invite any of my readers who would like to keep up with our little family of 3 via Insta.gram to follow me on the site. My account is private, so you will have to request to follow. My account name is chaniraye. It is mostly pics of Little Miss, so for those who would prefer not to see a cute sassy 2 year old daily, I would suggest you just continue to follow our journey here and not on IG. My posts on IG are not related to IF just a fun way to document our sweet little girl and the fun stuff our family does. I have a few IF ladies I follow and it is so fun to see their adventures in motherhood. After all you ladies have been with me for a LONG time now. Some of you know more about our family than IRL friends do. It's how great trials bond the hearts of many together. And for most of us IF is the biggest hurdle we will have to overcome. So come see what our life is really like.

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  1. The technology today can be a blessing and a curse!! I'm glad we can be friends on IG so I can see pictures of your adorable girl!!!