Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's official...

I'm a statistic. SART posted the 2010 results for ART cycles and now our cycle is officially just a statistic. I'm a little bothered because 2010 our totally lame clinic looks pretty promising for a woman under 35 with MFI. Look here. It looks like 50% of couples that cycled, ok there were only 8 of us, but 4 got pregnant and 3 took home real live babies. Shoot, if you were over 35 your chances were even better! Although I must add that in 2009 only 1/11 took home a real live baby. It is just weird to know that I am in that number at the bottom, the 6 frozen transfers, 2 of them were mine. Our 5 little embryos that could.

I am sad that it has been 2 years now. It seems like it was so long ago. I remember how excited I was on the eve of our IVF. I am now looking forward to getting the next show on the road. No real plans yet, but I am hopeful that soon we will be able to do something. I hope next time we are on the other end of that statistic.


  1. Hi there - I just wanted to let you know that I've ben reading you for several months now, since our own failed IVF #1 in the fall, and it looks like we're in the same boat - saving for #2 after a failed #1. (We even got married the same year!) Sending you pennypinching luck from Oregon. :)

  2. Sorry about that. Even though you know the information, it kind of sucks to see it in print, right? If it helps, in doing my angry, borderline-hysterical post-failed-IVF, research, I found out a little something about clinics who seem to have these great statistics, especially for women over 35. Basically it said that statistic is stupid, because in all likelihood those women over 35 who have all this great, easy, quick success with IVF were likely those who would've gotten pregnant right away had they tried in their 20's. And now their only real negative or challenging factor is their age, and IVF helps that. The more important statistic is to see how your clinic does with younger couples, because odds are, if the couple is to the point of needing IVF (which we did when I was 25, and DH was 36), there is something really wrong that requires significant time and skill to help. FYI, For us, our main issue is sever MFI, but I have had some endo and cysts. I spoke with a doctor in Vegas who said that in all likelihood, the presence of endo means the presence of elevated natural killer cells, meaning there are female factors at work too. So, basically, we're pretty screwed until we can afford IVF at a better clinic than the one where we did our first IVF. Wishing you all the best!