Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not this time

I really didn't think I would get pregnant the first month of trying our "new method", so when AF showed up on Wednesday I wasn't surprised. The good news is that means I ovulated when my OPT was positive, so I guess I kind of did it right. I think this month around my ovulation time I will test every 10 or so hours to see if I can catch it and just have one positive reading. (I won't use my first morning urine again.) I decided against buying the Clea.r Bl.ue fertility monitor, since I was able to detect ovulation with just the regular OPT. I may change my mind if I can find one for cheap on eb.ay or something like that.

I was right in that failing with the method really didn't upset me at all. I didn't shed one tear or feel any grief. I know for us it is such a long-shot, so it now working is no surprise. But it does give me something to feel like we are at least making some kind of effort. Which is healing for the soul.

I was asked if we had considered using donor sperm with this new method. DH is fine with that idea, mainly because it would be a whole lot cheaper than IVF, but I am not. I just feel its too complicated for me. Too many "what it's" roll around in my mind about the future for me to go down that path right now. I am so happy for the women and their husbands that have conceived their children via this method! (and there are many of you!)

So now we try again and hope for a different outcome next time.


  1. Well keep trying! At least it is a cheap option to pursue for now. If it works you will be my hero!

    Good luck hon!

  2. Hi :) I'm trying to catch up in the blog world...just read back on your last post. Somewhere in my blog I think I talked about the instead cups! I use them and I really like them. They're pretty simple to use, and I like the fact that I can keep the "swimmers" up "there" for a while. I don't know exactly how you're using them, but we use them after the deed and then I insert it (TMI, sorry). Nothing escapes ;) So, obviously it hasn't worked yet for me, but somehow I do believe in it. I've had some issues though, first it was Endometriosis and now supposedly estrogen dominance...had surgery for the endo and now working on the estrogen issue, otherwise we don't have any other major issues.

    Anywho, I say keep using the cups, I think they're brilliant :) I'll be following you more closely! Your day will come :)

  3. Glad your soul is slowly healing. Keep doing what you feel is right for you. :)

  4. Good to hear that the new method went well, even if the result wasn't positive. Do you mind describing how exactly you used them and when, in relation to your positive OPK, you used them?

    I'm interested in pursuing this because sperm quality is our biggest problem. And while I'm not sure how I feel about donor sperm, my husband doesn't feel comfortable with it right now. It is a lot cheaper than IVF for sure, but I'd never go the donor route unless both of us felt good about it, you know?