Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yep, I have it. I was so giddy when I saw those 25 big follies. Then I started to feel sick a day later. I went in on Monday for my second u/s and they said I was just about ready, most of the follicles were between 14-16. I was not to take any more Gonal and just coast for one day. I went in yesterday and they looked amazing. She counted 21 that were between 15-19. (Most were at 17-19) She told me there were more that were in there that she couldn't measure easily and guessed I had way more than 21 that were ready to go. I wasn't feeling great, but figured the follicles were sucking out all my energy. On Monday the nurse who does the u/s did show me the pockets of fluid that were pooling in my abdomen around my uterus and ovaries. She talked about how I can get dehydrated and feel sick so I need to drink water like a crazy person. It wasn't until Tuesday that I realized it was kind of serious. My IVF nurse came in and started saying things like, no transfer, and hospital stay. I was confused. Then she told me my E2 was really high and they needed me not to go into major OHSS.

E2 Levels:

Baseline - 39
After 7 day stims - 3067
After 9 days stims - 5826
9 days then coast - 6615

She said the absolute highest they like to see the E2 is 4000. Whoops. I guess I passed that a bit. So I triggered last night only with Ovadril and did not use the HCG Novarel. She said the Ovadril can actually help with OHSS while the HCG will only make it more severe.

I am trying not to freak out. I know this is out of my hands and there is nothing I can do. I am set to go in at 8 am tomorrow for my retrieval and hopefully have my transfer on Saturday or Sunday.

There are some good signs that it will not progress into a major problem...

1. I have not gained a single pound
2. I am not vomiting, I am nauseated but can keep everything down
3. My waist is measuring what it did before this cycle

So for now I will be drinking much more than the recommended 1/2 gallon of water. I have also noticed that taking a nap helps. Luckily since my clinic is over an hour away from home, I have not had to go to work. I have been staying with my parents and they are so wonderful and are making every accommodation to help me. The down side is DH has still had to work and hasn't been here with me. He dropped me off Sunday night for my Monday appt and will return tonight for the retrieval tomorrow. I miss him like mad! I don't do well away from him. I also will not be looking around Google for info. I don't need negative thoughts running around in my brain.

It will all be ok. I just need to remain calm and trust in the Lord.


  1. I'm thinking of you and hoping everything works out. I'm so glad your hubby will be there soon. I'll keep checking in!

  2. I had an online friend who suffered from OHSS, it was hard but she pulled through. Yes it should be taken seriousely and sounds like you are doing everything you have been told, so thats great! My friend gained weight and her waist line exploded so it's a good sign you aren't having those symptoms. Just keep drinking that water! And yay on all of those follies! Yowzer!

  3. Thinking of you this week. You've stated the facts and know what you need to do. Keep it up and continue to stay positive.


  4. Wow that is so scary! Thinking of you and hoping the water, naps, and ER help the OHSS!

  5. Yikes!!! That does sound a little scary. I hope that your positive thoughts will keep you on the right track!!! I'll be thinking about you!! XOX

  6. ouch! after the retrieval is when things can get hairy, since those follies all fill back up with fluid. My doc had me eat tons of protein and drink a gallon of gatorade everyday and it really helped. the salt in the gatorade helps more than regular water.

    good luck! and yay for lots of great eggs!

  7. I will be praying that you don't get severe OHSS! Keep us posted and hang in there! Trust in God is so critical but so difficult when things are looking worrisome!! You can do it :)

  8. Oh hon, I'm praying like crazy for you that everything works out. I know this is so scary right now, but the awesome news is that they caught it & hopefully this will get it under control. Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow with your retrieval...keeping you in my thoughts & prayers. Stay strong!!

  9. Wishing you all the best with the retrieval. Hope that you start to feel better soon.